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Villa in Melbourne, Australia

Australian Real Estate by Marietta Homes

Armed with 25 years of experience, we would like to talk about our House and Land packages in the fast-growing suburbs in Melbourne.

In a nutshell, why you should choose Melbourne:

* One of the best cities in the world for life and lifestyle
* One of the best educational and hospital cities in the world
* English speaking nation
* Influx of foreigners
* Stable political system and zero tolerance for corruption
* The lowest price per square foot in the world
* Free lands
* Permanent rental
* Continuous increase in the cost of capital
* Risk-free investments
* Low capital costs
* High return on investment in the shortest possible time
* Availability of mortgages (the need for an investor story)

Prices (depending on the suburbs:

From: AUD $ 600K (land value + construction cost)
(not including closing costs, such as stamp duty, legal fees and other closing costs)

Price includes:
1. Free lands
2. High quality construction
3. Immovable luminaires (request details)
4. Landscape
5. You can open a bank account

We are assisted in organizing real estate management.

Since we are not developers in the mass sense, we build a maximum of 10 units per year to ensure the highest quality work.

* Upgrade of $ 5,000 luminaires
* Reimbursement of the cost of land (maximum 5 nuts), private wine tours, 1 day Great tours on the Ocean Road, Melbourne city and university tours upon signing the EOI (expression of interest)
* For existing owners of real estate in Melbourne, a free consultation on the current assessment of property.
* Legal subsidy up to AUD $ 2000
Property type:villa
Property condition:new build
Features:garden, parking, terrace / balcony

ID: 142426 15.02.2018

  • 359 sq. m
  • 4 bedrooms
380 944 €

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