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Top 10 New Places that Russians are Buying Right Now!

With the Russian economy not doing all that well, a sizeable section of Russia’s population, especially those with money, are looking to buy cheap property overseas. Many of the traditional destinations for buying property such as Spain, the UK and France have already been explored by Russian buyers, who are now looking for new options where they can find cheap properties for sale overseas.

If you have an overseas property for sale in any of the countries mentioned here, then you’re in luck. You can take advantage of the demand from Russian buyers for real estate in these places as long as you hire the top UK estate agents to sell property abroad. So, let’s get started!

Sell Overseas Property in Albania to Russian Buyers!

Albania is close to the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and the IMF has invested heavily in the country. Real estate prices in Albania have remained stable and haven’t been affected by the recession. The country issues visas to Russians quite easily, which is why there is so much interest in it. Russian interest is strong in apartments for sale along the Adriatic Sea.

Sell Overseas Property in Hungary to Russian Buyers!

Hungary is a landlocked country, but has thermal springs, lakes, mineral spas, etc. and is great for surfing and yachting. It is also a fast growing economy which has shaken off the after effects of communism. Russians love it because it is a member of the EU and the Schengen Zone, which means buying property here can get one a Schengen visa. Properties in Budapest are highly prized.

Sell Overseas Property in Austria to Russian Buyers!

Austria has survived the economic crisis somewhat and properties in the country are sold at a premium compared to its neighbors. Vienna is rated by many as one of the best cities in Europe because of the amazing quality of life. Wealthy Russians love Austria but hate the strict property ownership regulations in the country, but most find a way around them.

Sell Overseas Property in Czech Republic to Russian Buyers!

Czech Republic has many attractions for Russian buyers – it is a beautiful and highly developed European nation which is a member of the Schengen Zone. Getting resident status in Czech Republic is quite easy and Czech Republic apartments for sale are much cheaper than in other parts of Europe.

Sell Overseas Property in Slovenia to Russian Buyers!

Slovenia offers access to the Adriatic Sea and the Schengen zone, and is Western-European in outlook. The prices of Slovenia houses for sale have declined by 8-10% since 2008, but the decline has been arrested somewhat in 2014 and 2015. Real estate in Slovenia is not exactly cheap, but reasonably priced.

Sell Overseas Property in Lithuania to Russian Buyers!

Lithuania holds a strong attraction for Russian property investors belonging to a middle income group because the prices of Lithuania real estate for sale are among the cheapest in Europe. It is also a member of the EU and a Schengen Zone member, which makes Lithuania an attractive destination for Russian buyers. Russian is widely spoken here. Vilnius, Klaipeda and Palanga are the hottest destinations in Lithuania.

Sell Overseas Property in Sweden to Russian Buyers!

Sweden is a highly developed country which boasts of one of the best standards of living in the world. That’s why it is astonishing how cheap Sweden properties for sale are. In Sweden, Gothenburg and Malmo are popular among Russian investors.

Sell Overseas Property in Serbia to Russian Buyers!

Serbia has grown rapidly since the end of the war that cost so many lives. It is today a perfectly peaceful country with a mild climate, forests, clear lakes, rivers and spa springs. It is also centrally located, and borders Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbia is a candidate for EU membership and economic activity in the country is quite high – it is possible to sell property in Serbia to Russian buyers for under 100,000 Euros

Sell Overseas Property in Poland to Russian Buyers!

Poland is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economies in Europe and because of its closeness to Russia holds a plenty of attractions. But the climate in Poland is very cold, not different from that in Russia, so this might discourage Russian buyers from buying real estate in Poland. However, the prices of Poland houses for sale, especially in Warsaw, are very attractive.

Sell Overseas Property in Iceland to Russian Buyers!

Iceland is one of the richest countries in the world and boasts of one of the highest standards of living. Russian buyers can take advantage of that, despite the prices of Iceland properties for sale being really quite high. Reykjavik holds a great attraction as it is the most environmentally friendly capital of the world.

The easiest way to sell overseas property to Russian buyers quickly is to hire the best UK estate agents.!