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Renting an Apartment in Summer Cheaper than a Hotel

Renting an Apartment in Summer Cheaper than a Hotel

According to a recent study carried out by the property rental portal, House Trip, on 22 European destinations, tourists choosing to rent apartments for their holidays can save up to 58% compared with booking a hotel room.

According to the portal’s holiday apartment price index, Dubrovnik, Cannes and Palma de Mallorca offer the greatest savings. Specifically, a one bedroom apartment in the Croatian city, with a price of 72 euros, costs an average of 99 euros less than a stay in a hotel, where the cost is around 171 euros.

For Cannes the saving is 82 euros, while in Palma de Mallorca it is around 70 euros, with an apartment in the island destination priced at 58 euros while the average cost for a hotel room rises to 128 euros.

In another Spanish destination, Barcelona, renting a property can be 50% more economical than booking a hotel, with the average rate of 128 euros for a hotel stay dropping to 60 euros on average for renting a holiday apartment.

Behind Barcelona stands Nice, where the price difference between the two types of accommodation is 66 euros per night, while in Paris, the city with the highest hotel prices in Europe, at an average of 159 euros, renting a holiday apartment would generate a saving of about 58 euros.

The President of the rental portal, Arnaud Bertrand, explained that the objective of the analysis is to help families and travellers “to make informed decisions about places to travel while saving money this summer”.
“Staying in a house in
stead of a hotel room is the easiest way to enjoy the holidays, and the best way to ensure the family spends time together,” he added.