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The most significant event of the real estate market in Moscow

The most significant event of the real estate market in Moscow
The most significant event of the real estate market in Moscow
On April 12—13, 2013, in TC "Tishinka" takes place one of the most significant events of the real estate market in Moscow — the Moscow International Property Show. Organizer of the Show — the company aiGroup.

The Moscow International Property Show traditionally held twice a year — spring and fall — and each of them enjoys the same success, and the season determines the nature of exhibitions. Thus, according to the permanent participants of the aiGroup’s exhibitions, the autumn Moscow International Property Show visitors are more interested in urban real estate and facilities located on the European ski resorts, as well as in exotic countries. In the spring, the interest shifts to traditionally popular real estate in the seaside resorts. However, despite the different emphases in demand, the consumer finds any offer at any time of year. For example, Bulgaria is the country of year-round demand. The same can be said about the very popular among Russians property in Spain, as well as Cyprus, Croatia, Italy, etc.

So, what can you expect from the nearest Moscow International Property Show? If we start from the experts’ forecasts of real estate market, which is to a slight increase in prices in the second half of 2013, we can expect increased interest from the public, which will be guided by the expectation of further and possibly more than a tangible increase in prices. Besides, it is the Russian economy, as opposed to European, in recent years a steady growth with no tendency to decline or even stagnation. The result: an increasing presence of Russian clients in the real estate markets of different countries. As for the Show, that fact means greater interest to the exhibition working in real estate companies from all over the world countries.

According to the organizers, all the stands in both pavilions Moscow International Property Show is employed for six months prior to the exhibition, and the waiting list is a list of over 100 companies! However, Kim Waddoup, the President aiGroup, says that getting the exhibition bigger is not part of the company’s plans, because in this case, first, they need to change the venue (and the location of the TC "Tishinka" - in the city center, close to the subway and major thoroughfares of the capital - is one of the main advantages of the Show), and secondly, in that case, the Moscow International Property Show to be out of their format convenient and understandable two-day exhibition, and will turn into a large-scale event, where visitors will be difficult to navigate, and the participants - to find their client.

One way or another, but the statistics show that the most likely the spring Moscow International Property Show beat another record attendance: for the latter, autumn, Moscow International Property Show was an unprecedented success, taking the two days more than 8000 visitors!