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Event: Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show

Event: Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show
Date: April, 19-20, 2013
Venue: Exhibition Center “Tishinka”, Moscow

Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show, organized by aigroup, is a unique event at least on two reasons. First of all, actually it’s the only one Moscow exhibition that concerns exclusively luxury property and golf. The second reason is the format of the event that combine businesslike and entertainment parts. Visitors can both acquaint themselves with the offers of companies participating in the Show and take part in different activities, for example, in a mini golf tournament or Moscow Golf Show Party. The idea, as the organizers of the exhibition say, is in creating the atmosphere of fun and holiday which is an attribute of success.

According to the statistics, each Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show is visited by more than 5000 guests, and the list of participants consists of more than 100 companies from 30 countries from all over the world. The event is very successful, and even global financial crisis didn’t change it. It’s relating to the main characteristic of luxury property market: this market is very stable and doesn’t depend on economical crisis and so forth. During the last global financial crisis the demand for luxury property was on the before-crisis level, and price had a tendency to increase. Almost the same picture can be observed today, with only one reservation: the readiness of customers to invest is higher, and since luxury property is one of the most profitable and secure instruments for investing, this market sector demonstrates very impressive results.

All this concerns mostly Russian investors: European customers are still overcautious because of bad prognosis on economical situation in European Union. On such background Russia looks very promising market for selling luxury property, and international developers as well as real estate agencies make the most of this situation. The result of their efforts is very well demonstrated by statistics, according to which, for example, about 25% of properties in Great London is owned by Russians, and in the USA the bargains with participating of Russian investors are the most significant in the last 5—6 years.

As experts say, 2012 and the beginning of 2013 probably won’t be marked with any kind of global financial cataclysm that means investors will go on their activity on the luxury property market. It will cause not only the demand but price as well: there’s almost no doubt that it will increase faster. So, the next Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show will be even more successful, first of all due to high interest of potential investors to luxury property.