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So who is a typical Russian Investor?

So who is a typical Russian Investor?
Not every Russian Investor owns their own Premier League Football Club or goes around covered in gold chains. In fact it is the huge number of middle class Russian who are parting with his or her cash and spending it overseas on real estate.

According to The President of the Federation of Russian Brokerage Firms, Anna Lupashko, in Greece Russian customers look for real estate ranging from 100 to 200 thousand euros for personal recreation.

She went on to describe an average Russian investor. This is a businessman aged 30-45, married, with children, concluding his or her deal for the first time. He or she wants to spend around 150,000 dollars (56 percent). As many as 13.6 percent buy homes within 500,000 dollars in the countries such as the UK, Italy and France. They buy mostly new apartments (55 percent), and are not really interested in real estate property under construction.

The Russians also look for a mild climate (71 percent), friendly attitude of people (44 percent) and investment opportunities (40 percent). All of this they can find in Greece. In addition to tourism and real estate, the Russian business is ready to invest in the infrastructure and industry of the country.