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Record Australian buyers look to France

Record Australian buyers look to France
Record numbers of overseas property buyers in Australia are looking to buy in France, says a leading website.

With property prices in Australia not suffering the dramatic falls of many other countries and the Australian dollar strong against the euro, buyers are looking for a lifestyle change, according to FrenchEntrée.

France attracts them because of its history, culture and other lifestyle benefits, says Property Services Manager Gaelle Perreaux.

She has told OPP Connect, “If you look at the prices of property in Australia and what you can get in France, you can get so much more for your money.

“Just like buyers from the United States, there is an attraction about owning something that has a bit of history.”

Manor houses, chateaux and stone properties are among the main attractions for Australian buyers.

“These are lifestyle purchases. They are always asking for places with lifestyle benefits, history and culture.”

Another reason behind the high levels of interest is former British nationals who want to move closer to home and family, but not back to the UK, says Gaelle.

“We have been receiving more enquiries from British ex-pats in Australia who are deciding to move back to Europe, but not the UK. The next place and the best place is France.”
For just $20,000 more than Adelaide’s median house price of $384,000, Australian investors can buy ‘fairy tale’ rural properties in France, says FrenchEntrée.