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Overseas property websites find Spain as British number one

The overseas property website reports that Spain is still one of the most popular places for the British to buy property abroad. A strong pound and falling prices means that property in Spain remains popular with British buyers, despite the country’s economic woes. findings are also in line with a new new report from the Overseas Guide Company. They found that 79 per cent of Brits had not been put off from buying an overseas property by the problems in the Eurozone, and that Spain remains the most popular destination with British buyers.

Spain remains the country of choice for Brits looking for an overseas home, as we see next.
Increased interest in property in Spain

According to the recently published Quarterly Index report from The Overseas Guide Company, Spain remains the preferred choice amongst British buyers looking for overseas property. The nation has grown in popularity taking 24 per cent of total enquiries in the third quarter of 2012, up from 22 per cent in the second quarter and just 16 per cent in the three months to March 2012.
Richard Way, editor of The Overseas Guides Company, said: "Let's not forget, the euro was at a four-year low against Sterling by the end of July this year - no doubt a contributing factor to the especially busy August.

"Combine that with the knock-down prices, which families would have seen first-hand during their summer holiday in many destinations, and you can see where the interest has come from.”
Marc Pritchard, sales and marketing manager at Spanish house builder Taylor Wimpey España said: "It's great to see that Brits have not been deterred - it's obvious that the nation is still considered one of the best places to buy a second home.”

Nick Marr, director at Homes Go Fast, said: “Lower prices and the improved exchange rate have conspired to make Spanish property much cheaper for overseas buyers.

“While it may be some time before Spanish property prices start to recover, it’s no surprise that Brits are looking to snap up low cost property in the country.”