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Moscow International Investment Show

Moscow International Investment Show
On the 12th—13th of October 2012 the aiGroup company opened a new autumn exhibition season and held the Moscow International Investment Show at the Tishinka exhibition center, Moscow, Russia.

Over the past years in the professional community a variety of opinions on Russian interest in investment in foreign real estate expressed. It’s interesting that the most popular and optimistic opinion was evinced rather cautiously. However, it looks like now we can forget about caution: during the last four years the Moscow International Investment Show has been a very successful event, the statistics of which doesn’t show any decrease in interest neither of potential investors nor companies. The last exhibition was no exception.

28 destinations, 192 companies, 6550 visitors — that is a statistics of the autumn Moscow Investment Show 2012. As usually, a record belongs to Bulgaria: 72 companies from this country took part in the exhibition. A mutual interest of Russians and Bulgarians allows aiGroup to hold a Bulgarian Salon in the separate venue during the Moscow International Investment Show. Many visitors interested in Bulgarian real estate go straight to that part of the exhibition, so they don’t have to stroll around the exhibition looking for offers concerning Bulgaria. Along with Bulgaria on the autumn Moscow International Investment Show Spain (27 companies), Turkey (21 companies), Montenegro (17 companies), Cyprus (17 companies), and Germany (12 companies) were also widely represented.

As usual, there were participants who offered to invest in real estate of exotic countries, particularly, of Seychelles, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Costa Rica, etc. By the way, companies from Costa Rica participate in the exhibitions organized by aiGroup quite often and always express satisfaction with the events, — that indicates the interests of Russian investors which have no geographical bounds and are not focused only on Europe.