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North-East Brazil property market booming

North-East Brazil property market booming
North-East Brazil is seeing such a demand for property that developers are finding it hard to keep up with buyers' interest, according to Samantha Gore of real estate company UV10.

This part of the country has had the highest GDP growth figures from 2000 to 2010, with 4.2% compared to the nation's average of 3.6%.

Samantha explained that there are various groups of people looking for homes in this part of Brazil, one being retirees.

They are considering moving from cooler areas of Brazil to the North-East, where the weather is warmer, she said.

Prosperous locals are also keen on making their way into the rental market, and other citizens are seeking to get started on the property ladder, she adds.

She also refers to the added international investors the 2014 FIFA World Cup will create.
Natal, situated in North-East Brazil, is set to be a host city.

This is just one of the reasons why the North-East is such a thriving property market, Samantha said.