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Where to Next to Find Those Property Investors?

Where to Next to Find Those Property Investors?
With the current economic crisis taking to the streets of Madrid and Athens, the European Property Industry will have to go further afield to generate sales for the second half of 2012. But where should the look?

China seems to be cooling down and is cancelling imports. The US is more concerned about unemployment and the Presidential elections. However it is in Russia where the appetite to invest in bricks and mortar is still very active.

It would seem that although President Putin may not appear to be the most popular president, Russians now realise that he is likely to curb spending in the future resulting in higher living standards. Therefore many, from the wealthy to the hard working Middle Classes, have decided now is the time to invest in their own property overseas.

As the temperatures start fall across Russia, marketing for property abroad resumes after the summer break. Statistics show that over 70% of all overseas property investments made by Russians, are selected between October to March.

One company well placed to comment on this continued interest in buying abroad is, the aiGroup based in Moscow. In addition to publishing Russia's number one overseas property magazine, they also own a successful property portal and organise over eight leading property exhibitions every year.

According to Kim Waddoup CEO at aiGroup, ' When many other organisers around the world have seen their events shrink in size, here in St Petersburg and Moscow we are actually turning exhibitors away from our shows, as we just do not have any more space to sell. Russians will spend hours on research by searching the internet, devouring the colour magazines and also visiting property exhibitions.'

"Our Winter issue of International Residence magazine has also increased to a record 160 pages of information and advertising, with articles on Finland, Tunisia, Germany, Israel, Panama, UAE, Bulgaria Spain and Turkey with local experts offering their experience and advice. The property catalogue alone includes 306 property listings from all around the world," added Waddoup.

The group's October exhibition was the 11th Moscow International Investment Show on 12-13 October, with 189 confirmed participants covering more than 30 destinations. They also have a show in St. Petersburg on 26-27 October and a third event back in Moscow on 16 & 17 November 2012, with 196 confirmed participants from 37 countries plus 43 companies on the waiting list!

Next year the aiGroup are planning to add a fourth autumn winter property exhibition in Moscow to satisfy the increase in demand.

Kim Waddoup realises they importance of being prepared to tackle the Russian market, so the aiGroup have teamed up with UK based Global Edge and together they are inviting delegates from overseas developers to attend the 3rd Russian Property Summit on 14th-16th November. Held in Moscow, delegates will be able to listen to a number of realtors and market experts speaking about how to attract Russian investors to buy abroad. A number of leading Russian based realtors will also attend to meet delegates interested in Russian representation. Delegates will also be able to visit
the Moscow International Property Show