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Information for Real Estate Investors About Peru

Information for Real Estate Investors About Peru
Dear Investor,
Lately, if you have any money to invest it has become harder and harder to find any opportunities that offer you even a small return on an investment.

As you are well aware, it has gotten unsafe to simply let your capital sit in the bank since inflation is now a major concern in the US and what used to be a safe investment can actually be a loss.
It now makes sense to ‘think outside the box’ and consider investing in safe opportunities overseas.

“According to a recent survey by Global Property Guide, Lima is a ‘spectacular’ destination for buy-to rent properties, with high rental yields of 10-11%.”

Real Estate in Peru is a website that helps you find and understand real estate investing in the Country of Peru. Peru is one of the fastest growing economies in all of Latin America and as such, opens up incredible opportunities to multiply capital almost more than in any other part of the world.

Peru, just like China and a few other countries on the global level, is offering excellent possibilities, unlike in the United States or Europe which unfortunately, don’t offer the same rate of growth or multiplication of capital.

Specifically, the growth of real estate and property value (both residential and commercial) results in high percentage rates of return on capital investments.

“The outlook for Peru’s property market is positive, underpinned by strong economic growth and rising domestic consumption combined with low unemployment… Business Monitor International“

Many areas of real estate investing have seen a return rate multiplied several times during the last few years, and the cost of housing (which is still inexpensive compared to other South American Cities) for segments A and B has increased 27% in the last few months alone.
This has shown itself to continue as well, even though Peru is still developing. The Peruvian economy has been growing at an average of 6.4% yearly since 2002 in a stable economic environment with very low inflation. When the rest of the world has seen an economic contraction, Peru has seen just the opposite. It is a thriving democracy and allows for and encourages foreign ownership of land and real property.

We are simply inviting you to consider the possibility of investing in this ‘gem’ among global investments. Land and real estate in Peru has become scarce due to booming domestic growth and has become a very promising short term investment.

There are a lot of investors from all parts of the world arriving in Peru. Many of the Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Chileans and Brazilians that have been investing recently in the real estate sector, are seeing high returns on their investments.
According to the “Global Property Guide”, Peru is a “spectacular destination” to invest in real property. Economic growth is being largely driven by domestic consumption, business confidence, exports and construction. This backdrop provides strong support for property demand. Peru also ranks first in Latin America for improving business regulation according to the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. Peru has risen ten positions in the World Bank ranking of 183 economies.

We would be delighted to speak with interested parties who would like to find out more about the different investments in Peruvian property that we have available.

From land/lot sizes of more than 7000 hectares (17,300 acres), entire beaches with pre-developed projects, medium and small size lots for buildings, commercial centers, warehouses, or residences and finally, single family homes in Lima and around the country.
We would like to invite you to take a look at our projects on

www.TerrrenosEnElPeru.comlish/ Our website is in both English and Spanish.
If you are interested and would like to find out more about one or more of the properties, please call us directly at our office in Lima (00511) 444-3781 or (0051) 98-120-4198 or (0051) 961-663-880 or you can write us at about your area of interest.