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Moscow International Investment Show 12 & 13 Oct 2012

Date: October, 12-13, 2012
Venue: Exhibition Center “Tishinka”, Moscow

According to both the statistic and statements of businessmen, in the last years Russians reveal more interest to all sorts of investments. Among the main reasons are increased wealth of Russian citizens on a background of their improved knowledge in juridical and financial spheres.

All that contribute to the popularity of events that cover issues of investing, and the experience of aigroup, which organise the Moscow International Investment Show since 2007, proves that point of view. Judge for yourself: each Moscow International Investment Show, which is held twice a year — in Spring and in Autumn, is visited by more than 6000 people, among them you can find mostly the representatives of target audience of the event — people interested in safe and profitable investments. Besides, the number of participants increases from year to year. So, according to the organizers, in autumn 2012 there will take part more then 200 companies.

The geography of Moscow International Investment Show is as well impressing: on the last Show visitors could find offers for investments in almost 30 countries in all over the world! The participants are ready to give advice on both their proposals and general issues of investments in very different sectors, help to create a portfolio of attractive real estate investment and (or) advise the projects that you can join as co-investor, etc.

Traditionally, special attention organisers pay to Bulgaria — a country, the real estate sector of which remains one of the most popular among Russian investors. During Moscow International Investment Show is held Bulgarian Real Estate Salon which takes place in the separate venue (additional pavilion in a few meters from the main exhibition hall). It’s interesting, but despite the expanding geography of investment opportunities Bulgaria and especially its Black Sea coast retains the popularity in Russia, and it causes the high interest to the Bulgarian Real Estate Salon.

According to the unanimous experts’ opinion, there isn’t expected any kind of global turmoil in 2012, that means a long-awaited stabilization and growth or at least stop declining of economic indicators. That fact, certainly, will be noticed by Russian investors, and forthcoming Moscow International Investment Show (which takes place on a peak season of business activity — in autumn) will attract the impressive audience.