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Booming Brazil moves into MoveChannel's top three most searched

Booming Brazil moves into MoveChannel's top three most searched
Brazil has moved into the top three most-sought overseas property destinations from the UK for the first time, according to's monthly Top of the Props report.

Brazil jumped eight places in the property portal’s chart last month to become the world’s third most popular property destination, after Spain and America.

In total, Brazil accounted for 10.57% of February’s enquiries, while Spain's share of enquiries increased by 2.65%, securing its leading position above the USA. Brazil’s share was also more than Italy, Turkey and Greece combined.

Dan Johnson, director of property channel, said: "January saw the country fall to 11th in the Top of the Props chart, but that is the only time it has been outside of the Top 10 in the last eight months; an achievement that puts Brazil shoulder to shoulder with the two destinations above it."
“It may be Brazil's first time in the top three, but it has been one of the big property players for months. While other struggling markets are attracting buyers with low prices, Brazil's strength comes from its booming economy and potential for investment before the World Cup and Olympics”, he added.