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Russian Internet Boom helps Overseas Developers

Russians are investing billions overseas, with the Internet taking centre stage. In fact the Russian Internet market has recently overtaken the French market by the number of users. It is also rapidly overtaking German in on-line space, and is soon likely to become number one Internet Market in Europe.

Kim Waddoup, CEO of the aiGroup said,' Our portal which is Russia's leading online source for overseas real estate, has seen a phenomenal growth with record hits during the past six months peaking at over 5,000 visits per day.'

There are several reasons that the Russian internet industry is booking at the moment.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has announced a general course of the modernization of the economy, and "Russian Silicon Valley" - Skolkovo innovation city near Moscow is building rapidly.

According to Dmitriy Kashaev, Head of Product Development, LIFE Financial Group, "the successful placement recently of internet companies Group and Yandex was not only important for these companies, but has spurred the interest of foreign investors in Russian Internet market. The perspectives of growth in this particular sector are enormous - about a half of Russians go online regularly."

In addition, Yandex is one of a few search engines in the world, which wins over Google on the Russian market. Group has its own special feature it's the only way for investors who buy public shares to participate in the growth of the value of Face book, Groupon, Zynga.

According to Head of Research of the "Life" Financial Group, Valery Piven, " Russians, according to statistics, spend on social networks significantly more time than the average worldwide user.'

Olesya Zubova, Project Supervisor at commented,' As Russia's leading overseas property portal, we concentrate only in real estate outside of Russia. Russians have always preferred to invest overseas, and like to research thoroughly before buying real estate. We can now offer them information 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.'

Zubova added, 'We employ highly qualified staff to ensure that texts about overseas real estate are translated into 'intelligent' Russian rather than using low quality auto translators. Our target audience is carefully defined to target both trade and consumers including specialists and professionals of real estate market, potential elite real estate property buyers, wealthy Russians with an active lifestyle and consumers of rich and expensive goods and services.' is also the Official Internet Sponsor of the leading overseas property exhibitions in Russia including the Moscow International Property Shows, the St. Petersburg International Property Shows, the Moscow International Investment Shows, the Golf & Luxury Property Show and the Bulgarian Home exhibition.