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US enquiries nosedive from Brits as Spain reclaims crown

US property fell in popularity with UK buyers over December as Spain regained is position as most popular overseas destination with British investors, according to web portal

Enquiries regarding American real estate fell by 7.32% last month, dropping the country from first to fourth place. However, Spain’s enquiry numbers dropped by only 0.18% to leapfrog to the top of the pile.

France held onto third place with enquiries rising by 1.05%, while Portugal rose two places to second claiming 9.15% of total enquiries.

Barbados and Morocco entered the top ten for the first time, while the United Arab Emirates jumped eight places to 12th.

Dan Johnson, managing director of TheMoveChannel, said that the changes represented the volatility of the present market.

As 2011 ends, the fluctuations in the Top 10 show the changing buyer demands in an uncertain market. Spain has always been a traditional choice for lifestyle buyers, as evidenced by the constant level of interest in the country. In fact, for the majority of last year, Spain was the most sought-after property destination on, so its return to the top spot seems an appropriate end to the year.

"Barbados and Morocco are equally attractive lifestyle choices that are free of Eurozone anxiety, but France and Portugal's strong performance in December is a reassuring sign for more familiar property markets. As the New Year begins, we shall see if the popularity of these European countries will be strong enough to weather the economic climate in 2012."