Property News


Date: 28 – 29 October 2011
Place: Saint Petersburg, Bolshoi Prospect, V.O. 103, BK “Lenexpo ”, Pavilion 4

Autumn is the busiest time of the year. According to statistics, the largest number of deals in all areas of business are signed namely in the period from September to November. This is why the next Saint Petersburg exhibition of foreign property, the seventh of its kind, which will take place in Russia's northern capital on 28-29 October, has every chance of becoming one of the most successful events of 2011.

More than 160 companies will take part in the exhibition, participants in the foreign property market the world over, including investment specialists, leading developers and real estate agents. Visitors will benefit not only from the widest range of real estate investment propositions in 10 or more countries, but also from professional consultation in the field of investment, the legal subtleties of making deals, managing assets in one's country of choice and the most advantageous means of acquiring and financing these investments.

All the available statistics suggest that the number of participants expected at this exhibition exceed 7,000 people. This is not surprising, especially in the context of global economic stabilisation, the rise in the living standards of St Petersburg inhabitants and those of its surrounding areas, and society's growing competence in the field of investment and property.

Every exhibition that has preceded this one, has, without exception demonstrated a stable growth when it comes to St Petersburg residents' interest in such investment proposals, moreover, specifically in assets available in Europe. It is this, in particular, that dictates the prevalence of the countries of the 'Old World' (Europe, Asia and Africa) amongst the companies representing foreign property. One such option is Bulgaria, a country that has long since regained stability and popularity and which has acquired the unprecedented growth rates of Spain, presenting the highest-end opportunities akin to Italy, Switzerland etc. Moreover, St Petersburg residents are beginning to show an interest in countries beyond European boundaries.

Thus, if at the Moscow exhibitions, visitor demand is more or less evenly weighted between Europe and destinations like Egypt, Turkey, South America, the Middle East and the Caribbean, then before for the northern capital this would have been unusual. The last few exhibitions have shown that the Petersburg market is now ready to consider new horizons.

The event promises to become even more successful, given that potential clients (in the full sense of the word) have begun to prevail amongst its visitors. Exhibitors at the last St. Petersburg International Property Show noticed that more often than not the people that approached their stand knew exactly what they wanted to invest in and the level of their potential investment. Kim Waddup, president of the organising company aigroup, is very pleased that this is the case.

“The exhibition has turned into a real place for business. A visitor just needs to express an interest in something and our company representative will draw up a proposal there and then, so that literally within a couple of days the potential client will be offered the opportunity to go on a reconnaissance tour of the country in question and already leave the ranks of potential customer to become a real client. This can’t fail to appeal, since this is the way an exhibition should work and what we always strive to achieve.”