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Luxury lifestyle at the Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show

Luxury lifestyle at the Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show
The Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show, an exhibition dedicated to golf and premium class foreign property, traditionally organised by AI Group, took place with great success at the Tishinka Trade and Exhibition Centre in Moscow on 22nd – 23rd April. Approximately 5000 visitors attended the show, which boasted 107 companies from 27 countries from around the world, all presenting their property and services.

Many international event participants noted the positive leaps made in terms of Russians’ appreciation of golf. “In the West, golfers are usually mature in age. From that respect it is pleasantly surprising that in Russia golf fans are young – 30-35 year olds, maximum 40.” says Svetlana Tormisheva of Trevi Elite. “And it is namely that age group that is more often than not interested in golfing properties. We are taking part in this exhibition organised by AI Group for the second time and both shows showed a rise in interest towards luxury property”.

Ekaterina Bain, Director of Elite Expert, also highlighted the improvement in the quality of visitors to the exhibition. “This is the second time we have taken part in an exhibition of this kind. In comparison with the first one, the standard of client has gone up. People have become more open and sociable. Last year our enquiry forms put people on their guard. Today people will give their initials, phone numbers and email addresses, which lends us to believe that they are potential clients who have come here with a specific goal in mind.”

Participants rated the event organisers highly. “This is the second time for us to take part in an exhibition organised by AI Group and we are happy.” said Dmitry Dick, Sales Director for La Manga. “The standard of organisation is high and you can see the signs of sensible management and a clear control of staff everywhere. As far as visitors are concerned, many have come with the concrete desire to buy real estate.”

Diana Ulyanova, consultant of Engel&Volkers, was also pleased with the organisation of the show. “This is the first time for me to take part in this kind of show and I liked everything that I saw – the central location and amenities, and of course the quality of the clientele. I represent Montenegro, where we have a lot of Russians, those that have chosen to live there permanently, as well as a steady stream of holiday makers.”

Atilla Aksoi, General Director of EKSIOGLU EKYAPI GROUP, also shared his impressions. “We have participated in these kinds of events in Russia three times. There are a lot of potential clients at this exhibition. AI Group always organises events to a high standard. The prices of our elite properties begin at 250,000 Euros. I should point out that on the 16th April a law on a visa-less regime between Russia and Turkey came into force. You can now stay in Turkey for one month without needing a visa. If someone buys real estate in Turkey, then evidenced by the necessary documentation confirming ownership of a property in Turkey, a person can receive right of residency.”

There were a number of participants at the show who signed up for the AI Group exhibition on the advice of their partners. “We are in Moscow for the first time”, says Irina Shtefanov, Manager of I.B. Immobilien. “We got involved on the recommendation of other firms who have worked with AI Group before and we have not been disappointed. The show is put together exceptionally well and relations towards exhibitors are super. And what is really crucial – there are a lot of visitors who have an eye for luxury property. We represent in particular elite projects in the famous resort of Baden-Baden. There are medicinal waters there, golf courses and tennis courts. Total freedom for those who want to soak up the atmosphere of the German bourgeoisie and who show discrimination in their taste for sophisticated vacations.”

Ludmila Sinelnikova, General Manager for Property Sales of MSG GAYRIMENKUL, also attended Tishinka on the recommendation of real estate agents: “We have taken part in exhibitions in other places. Then, on specialist advice, we came here and we are delighted that we did. Visitors and potential clients have been flowing through. We sell property in Turkey. Something that has struck me, though, is the fact that curiously, many of our clients are selling their out of town dachas and even their Moscow flats in order to free up the money they need to buy property abroad. And that applies on the whole to middle aged people, not just to pensioners.”

Amongst the representatives of countries close to Russia, there are also those from further afield, such as Paul Cary from the United States, Director of Pulte Group. “This is the first time for me to take part in an international exhibition. Our company, amongst other things, can offer Russians elite golfing properties in Florida. Many Europeans, including Russians, flock to Florida, famous not only for its amazing beaches, but also its magnificent golf clubs. Hence here we are. It is clear from our participation here, that Russians, like Americans, strive for a high standard of living. Just like Americans, they prefer properties close to the sea, but they watch the prices, wanting to buy great real estate at a reduced rate. I have to say that now is the time to buy, since prices in the US dropped 40% during the crisis. Elite property can now be acquired at knockdown prices.

Another distant destination, Singapore, had its representative at the show – Inna Shmakova, Director of Investment Source. “Property prices in Singapore are rising all the time, due to the fact that there are no new plots under construction. All the land has long since been sold. Millionaires from around the world all vie to acquire real estate in Singapore, because it offers a stable political environment, developed infrastructure, marinas, golf clubs, restaurants and so on. With regard to Russians buying elite golf-related real estate, the market in Russia is only just beginning to open up. It is early days yet, but nonetheless the dawn of great things to come.