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St. Petersburg International Property Show

St. Petersburg  International Property ShowEvent date: April 1-2, 2011
Event place: St. Petersburg, 103 Bolshoy Prospect V.O., "Lenexpo" exhibition center, pavilion 4

Since the time the economic reform started, St. Petersburg has been perceived as an uneasy location for real estate business; not due to any particular economic or political factors — it's the St. Petersburg consumer: demanding, with specific taste and preference, not inclined towards hasty decision-making. It is difficult to stay in business in St. Petersburg, especially in such segment as exhibitions. However, aigroup is currently preparing for the sixth International Property Show in St. Petersburg, and the previous events were a definite success — which tells us the concept and targets set were right.

It might seem surprising, but event idea was born in the beginning of the current crisis. It seemed quite risky to launch international property exhibition in Fall 2008; however, the aigroup CEO Kim Waddoup then said, "exactly when people have no idea where to invest the funds available, you need to approach them with attractive offers". And the offer to invest (sometimes modest) capital in international properties seemed logical and lucrative to many. Back in Fall 2008, visitor count reached 4,000 — a great result for the skeptical St. Petersburg. In 2010 there were already about 7,000 visitors. It should be noted that these are not just curious strangers. Exponents point out they are pleasantly surprised by the audience quality: most guests know what they are looking for and asks very relevant, specific questions. The offers are also well matching the good demand: 160 exhibitor companies offer properties in 40 countries, from popular destinations like Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Cyprus to such exotics as Dominican Republic, Panama and Barbados.

Most experts forecasted industry difficulties in 2009 and 2010. Despite many analysts speaking of end of the crisis, there is massive amount of work to be done to even approach the pre-crisis levels. On the other hand, life goes on: people are still traveling, starting businesses, invest their capitals and continue to purchase international properties. The 2010 aigroup exhibitions were still a success. The company organized two exhibitions in St. Petersburg in 2010, and, with each event, the number of exhibitors and visitors grew. Bulgaria is traditionally popular among Russians and this destination is presented by the separate section — The Bulgarian Property Salon. New destinations are also introduced. For example, Montenegro properties are generally met with interest all over Russia — in Moscow, St. Petersburg or the regions, but some offers are clearly targeted towards the local investor. In 2010, Baltic companies made a very bright appearance at the events with dozens of quality, attractively priced properties in Latvia and Estonia. Our Finnish neighbors also reported good results at the show, pointing out that Russians generally have a very positive stance on Finnish developers, and St. Petersburg residents, in particular, are most active in Finnish properties market, being already familiar with this country and its people.

Aigroup would like to reiterate that exhibitions not necessarily must result in maximum sales, as the only purpose of the event. The events in St. Petersburg managed by aigroup always include seminars on specific markets and destinations, as well as financial and legal consultations. Those additional services provide the visitor with the best access to answers they require, while helping the exhibitors to present the most complete information on their activities and services.

The spring show in St. Petersburg is scheduled around the time that is traditionally seen as the market awakening before a summer season. The International Property Show, scheduled for April 1-2 2011 at the "Lenexpo" exhibition center, is already stirring up some great interest, considering the fact that experts predict a full awakening of the real estate market in 2011.