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Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show

Moscow Golf & Luxury Property ShowDate: April 22-23, 2011
Time: April 22 - 12 a.m.-8 p.m.
April 23 - 11.00 a.m.-18.00 p.m.
Venue: Russia, Moscow, 1 Tishinskaya Square, TC "Tishinka", "T-Modul" exhibition hall
Organizer: aigroup
Contacts: +7 495 926 9695;

A steadily growing number of events devoted to the luxury real estate segment testify that the crisis has been overcome. Perhaps this post-crisis time will soon be described as "after that," that is after completion of a couple of hectic years which tossed the whole world. No doubt both men of letters and economists will find the words to accurately describe the past economic calamity. However real estate businesses have no time or need to indulge in reflections. Positive changes on the market jazzed up its hottest and highest income generating segment - the luxury property. It is for this reason that aigroup that has long specialized in overseas property, golf and MICE tourism shows offered its new product to the market called the Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show.

The idea of this forum was first put into life in April of 2010, when representatives of 80 companies dealing with luxury and golf properties gathered in Moscow. The organizers did not seek maximum possible representation, justly assuming that there are not so many serious players in these segments. The luxury property consumer is rather demanding, be it an investor or just a buyer, as he knows exactly what he wants. While it's not so easy to deal with such buyers this work is very exciting.

The first Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show was a definite success. In the words of its participants, they appreciated the comfortable environment but even more so the accurate choice of the target audience and the possibility of direct and relaxed communication with the visitors. A combination of two themes within a single show proved a successful move as well: it turns out that luxury property and golf go together fine. Those interested in luxury properties are not indifferent in golf either and not only because this game is in vogue: simply this sport requiring self-confidence and savoir vivre chimes with the lifestyle of high net worth individuals. Furthermore playing golf often provides a natural extension of business activity, since it grants a rare opportunity to meet potential business partners and socialize with them.

It has been decided to capitalize on the experience, gained in the course of this rather successful first show, in the future: it has already been announced that the next Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show will take place on April 22-23, 2011. "Our mission, - explains president of aigroup Kim Waddoup, - is to present as much useful information to our visitors as possible. Luxury property is a good investment. Luxury property plus golf sounds even better."

The "two in one" principle is widespread in contemporary business. For instance, multipurpose projects where a mix of different functions (retail, residential, commercial) creates a synergy effect are a thriving and very popular real estate format. In this respect the Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show is certainly in line with the Zeitgeist. The organizers proceed from the obvious tenet: the wider the opportunities granted to visitors and participants, the greater interest is evoked. The experience confirms the proprietary of this approach. &