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The 7th Moscow International Investment Show

The 7th Moscow International Investment ShowThe "investment show" term, in the context of exhibiting international properties, has only recently been introduced to professional lexicon thanks to aigroup efforts. Although certain doubts regarding the very concept of "investment fair" lingered in the beginning, now that the event will be held for the seventh time, it is becoming clear that the Russian buyer is not only well familiar with real estate investment options, but also sees this sector as one of the most reliable investment tools.

Around fall of 2008, long before the crisis, not all potential investors had a good understanding of capital preservation options. As aigroup president Mr. Kim Waddoup then commented, the clients will begin to see rather clearly that "there is currently no better investment tool than real estate, especially overseas". The great turn-up of participants and exhibitors at the Investment Show 2008 further validated the concept of investment exhibition, representing a major milestone for the initiative.

In 2009, the year of major economic challenges, saw an increasing interest towards foreign real estate investment options. Number of participants steadily grew at both 2009 investment shows. New destinations became available: for instance, at Spring 2009 show, offers from United States, Central America became available, Finnish companies were more active in the market; Eastern European destinations were better represented with expanded offers from Czech Republic and Hungary. A wave of Balkan offers arrived in the fall of 2009: Montenegro and Croatia listings topped the chart again. Participants from Baltic states presented a wide variety of properties at the show.

However, it should be noted that that so called "top league" remained largely unchanged - Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Greece, France and Cyprus are in greatest demand. The best success indicator was, of course, the number of participants - the autumn 2009 show registered a record 8,000 visitors to the "Tishinka" TC. We saw also very good results at Spring 2010 show. So its participants have already pre-reserved their stands for the next event.

There is probably no point in restating the various expert forecasts available for autumn 2010 in an effort to determine which analyst is referring the most likely scenario. There is no doubt, however, that foreign investment purchases will remain the most popular investment solution for the Russian public. Investment Show, scheduled for October 2010 in the same convenient "Tishinka" location, will again attract hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors. The event, organized by aigroup, is now more that just an investment show: in addition to the best projects presented by the largest developments, investment funds and real estate companies, visitors will have access to legal, financial and investment advise. The Moscow International Investment Show offers unique opportunities for all participants - for both exhibitors that seek listing their properties for sale and customers contemplating investment opportunities. That uniqueness is probably the key to the success of the Investment Show it enjoyed for many years.

The 7th Moscow International Investment Show will be held on October 01-02, 2010 in the "Tishinka" TC, at the "T-Modul" exhibition hall.