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Comments from Participants of the Moscow International Property Show

Comments from Participants of the Moscow International Property Show

The spring Moscow International Property Show held at TC "Tishinka" on April 9-10, 2010 was a great success. The show was organized by aigroup, an avowed leader of overseas property marketing in Russia.

Only renowned, professional companies having a good reputation in the international property market are invited to participate. Every show conducted by aigroup always becomes an outstanding and remarkable event. The spring Moscow International Property Show 2010 was also held at a high professional level and roused great interest of the visitors - Muscovites and guests from other cities and regions of Russia - to the contentment of numerous participants. Altogether the show was attended by about 7,500 visitors; 169 companies from 40 countries were present. Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Montenegro, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France, Croatia, Finland, Germany and Egypt delegated the greatest number of participating companies. Many overseas firms that sent their representatives to the spring Moscow International Property Show take part only in the events organized by aigroup, since this gives them a high economic return and guarantees efficiency and safety. Given below are some responses from the show participants.

Lemestia group, Maria Protopopova, consultant:

Our developer company has been operating for more than a quarter of a century in the construction industry and 15 years on the Russian market. In Moscow we participate in all the shows conducted by aigroup at SC Tishinka. We don't cooperate with other organizers of similar events. This was the fourth event where I was personally involved. During this time the interest in overseas properties has notably grown. Our permanent participation in exhibitions gives us new clients.

Novrealty, Marium Raja, sales manager:

It's the fifth year in a row that we take part in similar Moscow shows. We also participated in some events organized by other companies but this one we like best. This is a good and convenient place to work, part of old Moscow, familiar to visitors who know how to get here. We've already held negotiations with several potential buyers today who will fly to Turkey, Italy and Croatia during the May holidays to examine the properties they selected. Our employees will meet them at the airport and provide them with hotel accommodations and free access to the properties they are going to buy. We are a full-cycle developer, investing in construction, getting construction permits, building houses and selling them. We operate from Finland and in this country the law and order are held in highest esteem. We are a solid company selecting only reliable partners so our clients have nothing to fear. We see to the entire deal - from the very beginning and until the buyer is granted a freehold title to a given property.

Visilla, Sergey Kapanen, CEO:

It's the second time we participate in such a show in Moscow and recently participated in the St. Petersburg event also organized by aigroup. We are interested in this show because it is originally geared towards the buyers of overseas property and this is its competitive edge. Similar shows organized by other companies seem to achieve poorer results and are noted for low attendance. We like this show and we plan our participation in the future. During the two days we found many potential clients with whom it makes sense to deal. Our specialization is Finland. When a person turns to us we always find a suitable option for him or her. People of Russia and especially the residents of St. Petersburg take increasingly keener interest in Finnish real estate, given that a dacha in the Leningrad region costs more than one in Finland.

Giovani Developers, Yana Kozachenko, representative of Giovani Developers in Russia:

We participate in the show for the third year in a row. We like the format of this event held at SC Tishinka. This is central Moscow and it's convenient. But perhaps it would make sense to conduct the show only on days off - Saturday and Sunday - to boost attendance. I'd also suggest paid entrance to keep casual people off.

Toros Residence Construction company, Oksana Tumer, sales manager:

We participated in a similar show at SC Tishinka last year and decided on participation in this year. The given venue is of interest to us as we can show our products and confirm our active presence on the market here. I participated in similar events held in other cities of Russia - Yekaterinburg, for example. Here it's much livelier, keen interest is felt. We appreciate the high level of organization.

Alla Sushchevich, Virtus Nobilitat:

We participate in the Moscow International Property Show for the fifth year in a row. In my opinion, this is one of the most prestigious Moscow exhibitions; hence the keen interest in this event corroborated by the number of both participants and visitors. Many believe that the event was held at the highest level. aigroup has a very experienced organization team that knows how to conduct an advertising campaign and gather the target audience. The events of aigroup always attract many potential clients interested in buying overseas residences.

This show revealed the keen interest of Moscow residents in international property markets. The purchasing capacity of Muscovites is very high and they are ready to allocate considerable money from their family budget for foreign property acquisition. This show is attractive for potential buyers in that they can get competent advice on any issue of interest.

VERBEL sa, Francois Chartier, broker:

We are engaged in real estate development and brokerage at the same time. We've come to SC Tishinka in Moscow for the first time. Our business partners recommended participation in aigroup's show to us. We liked the high organization quality of this event and I think this show will boost our sales. We participated only in the events held in Western Europe before, but never in the Russian exhibitions. In my opinion, the Moscow International Property Show conforms to a high European level. The attendance is good and there are very many visitors interested in buying their second home abroad.

Grupo Esmeralda inmobiliaria, Olga Lizunova, sales manager:

The show left a good impression but, unfortunately, because of the shortage of vacant stands we had to be content with a rather mediocre place at the second tier. This is our second participation. Before that we were involved in a show organized by another company. We like it very much here. Our company also participated in the St. Petersburg show held by aigroup. Everything was done at a high lever there too.

We take part in exhibitions held in different countries of Europe. In Moscow we see keen interest in different types of real estate. People seek housing in various price ranges - from 100,000 to 300,000 euro, from 500,000 to 1 million euro and higher.