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Bulgaria building

Bulgaria building Although recent reports reflect a tightened economy in Bulgaria, the steps for improvement are being made in areas which will be the foundations of a much wiser, leaner, keener, more stable Bulgaria.

Real estate in Bulgaria is experiencing ebb & flow as residential construction is cut back but infra structure moves ahead. The government is focused on getting the basics right before thinking of the quickest route back to boom.

A forward moving programme of road & highway construction & improvement is underway, with well established European retailers locating to Bulgaria and expanding into growing communities.

The country is seeing an increased amount of investment, especially from Russians who seem attracted to property for sale in Sunny Beach, Varna & other coastal locations.

Many industry experts are expecting the value in Bulgaria property to begin rising in 2010, with many advising would-be investors to consider well established properties in towns and villages, where even better deals are being regularly over looked in favour of coastal units.