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Event of the Year Devoted to Overseas Property and Golf Industry

Event of the Year Devoted to Overseas Property and Golf Industry

The event of the year devoted to overseas property and golf industry - Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show - took place at "Tishinka" in Moscow on April 23-24, 2010. The event was organized by aigroup - the company that has long and successfully made a specialty out of exhibition activity in the area of real estate, golf and business tourism.

Aigroup's Moscow spring exhibition session includes such well-reputed events as Moscow International Property Show and Moscow International Investment Show. The Moscow Golf & Property marked the concluding chord of the spring season. Its key merit was the ability of the organizers to create a comfortable work medium for the participants to present their best offers in the real estate and golf industry markets and get in touch with the most demanding consumer of such services.

Right here at the show visitors obtained exhaustive information on best property and golf offers and had a wonderful time, having plunged into the festive atmosphere of the event. Entertainments were seamlessly integrated into the show's business agenda. Visitors tested their aptitudeat driving ranges and participated in golf tournaments with prizes. A brilliant performance of the Pizhony ("Dudes") band was duly appreciated by all guests of the evening event called Moscow Golf Show Party.

It is by no means accidental that golf, not just a popular but also an extremely fashionable sport, became one of the show's main themes. Originally thought to be a hobby of high net worth individuals, golf is quite democratic nonetheless. Experts are positive that even in times of economic recession, when temporary difficulties are forecasted for the luxury class, the decent business class has fair chances to be a great success and this is where golf is increasingly often pigeonholed in view of the fact that it is getting ever more popular with the masses. Nothing will halt the robust march of golf over Europe and Russia that could be observed during the recent decade, especially after the IOC decision to include golf in the Olympic Games of 2016.

Luxury overseas real estate was the second theme of Moscow Golf & Luxury Show that turned into a true fair of foreign property offers. The organizers invited about 80 companies dealing with immovable property to participate, while buyers and investors interested in acquisition of luxury overseas properties were attracted as visitors.

The amalgam of two themes represented at the show - golf industry and luxury property - allowed the creation of an absolutely unique format. One theme harmoniously blended with the other: people playing golf generally seek a special lifestyle - overseas property, golf clubs and individual leisure tours. The show organizers and participants demonstrated the best possible individual approach and understanding of the needs of those who visited Moscow Golf & Luxury Property Show.