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St.Petersburg is a special city

St.Petersburg is a special city

St. Petersburg is a special city, where trust is not earned easily. But the very fact that St. Petersburg International Property Show was held here for the fourth time now was proof that the local audience recognized its value. Market participants have also showed their approval of the event.

The number of exhibitors grows, and, most importantly, new destinations are launched here, in St. Petersburg. For example, the Fall 2010 event was a great launch for companies from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Luxemburg. If we talk about traditionally popular destinations for citizens of St. Petersburg, it is Finland, the Baltic region and of course - Bulgaria. In addition to the general international section, the Bulgarian Property Salon, offering links with Bulgarian developers and realtors, is also arranged inside the venue. The St. Petersburg Property Shows are notable for a wide geographical span of its participants who came from Croatia, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, UAE, Egypt, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, USA, Turkey, France, Montenegro, Switzerland and many other places.

The exhibition offers a lot of valuable resources in addition to just booths: seminars are held where experts from leading companies provide their insight to the most popular industry subjects. It should be noted that such seminars are quite popular among visitors - the halls are consistently full.

What distinguishes this exhibition from others? It's the Russia's only system of visitors' registration (personal plastic card badges with a unique bar code), professionally prepared seminars for visitors, contacts with proven developers and real estate agencies from all over the world, and a superb advertising campaign preceding the event! It should be mentioned also that The St. Petersburg Property Show is recognized as the largest OVERSEAS property exhibition in Russia!

The Autumn 2010 St.Petersburg International Property Show 15-16 October 2010 in Lenexpo is also expected to provide some nice surprises, and might even make real headlines.