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Czech Country Real Estate has Risen in Price by 40%

In the Czech capital, an extreme increase in prices for suburban holiday property was recorded. The average prices for summer houses and cottages in Prague over the past year have increased by 40%.

If last year in May a square meter cost 32 thousand kroons, then in May this year the price of summer houses in Prague rose to 45 thousand kroons per meter. In the Czech Republic as a whole, property prices of such a plan increased by 17%.

However, this trend has not yet had a significant impact on the rental market of cottages and cottages. “I can’t confirm a significant increase in rental prices for suburban real estate in recent weeks or months. The growth, of course, exists, but, in our experience, it does not significantly exceed the usual price increase on an annualized basis, ”said Peter Fix, the owner of the real estate portal.

Each ad in the Cottages and Cottages category on the large Czech real estate portal was viewed by an average of three times more people a day than last year. The most popular objects for a country holiday are houses in Prague, Central Bohemian and Liberec Territories. Compared to last year, interest in the Pilsen region has grown.

Most people will spend their holidays in the Czech Republic this year, so those who have free funds are looking for vacation property. Demand for cottages and cottages in the Czech Republic has grown significantly. “On our portal, we are seeing a significant increase in interest in offers in this category, there are approximately 47% more visitors than last year,” said Charlotte Smutna, an analyst with the portal.

Published: June 24, 2020