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Czech Republic First Opens Borders and Removes Restrictions After Quarantine

According to the Czech Minister of Health Adam Wojtech, the Government of the Czech Republic lifts a number of restrictive measures from April 24 and opens the borders for moving around the country and going abroad.

Thus, the Czech Republic becomes the first European country to open after the quarantine associated with the fight against coronavirus infection, which lasted from March 16.

According to official statements, citizens are allowed to move around the country, as well as leave its borders (including for the purpose of recreation). A prerequisite for returning from abroad is a coronavirus test and a negative result or two-week quarantine.

A number of restrictions still apply to entry into the Czech Republic, where conditions are considered individually for each person who wishes to enter a foreign citizen. After confirmation of a healthy condition, citizens with a residence permit or permanent residence and their family members, specialists of importance to the Republic, diplomats, students, transit travelers and EU citizens on a business trip can enter the country.

“We were able to deal exceptionally well with the pandemic in the Czech Republic,” Vojtech said at a television press conference.

This commentary, coupled with the decision of the Czech Government, gives hope for a positive trend in the fight against the pandemic and for the speedy restoration of world economic processes.

Published: April 26, 2020